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April 7, 2016

Kenneth Caster - Geology Professor UC

I had the distinct pleasure to meet and be taught by Dr. Kenneth Caster at the University of Cincinnati (UC) between 1972 and 1974. He's one of a small handful of college professors that left an indelible imprint in my brain, fortunately for the better.

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Posted by Tim Carter at 10:21 AM

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March 25, 2016

Annunciation Class of 1966 Reunion RSVP Form

Ignore all the blank space just below. It resembles a part of my brain that's been permanently injured for all the hours looking at the circle diagrams of the wretched Modern Math!


Email Address:

How many, including yourself, will attend the Friday night Rave at the Rectory? If you're not coming, select the 0.




Do service dogs and goats count?

How many, including yourself, will go to the dinner at Montgomery Inn on Saturday?




I want to sit next to my dreamy crush

How will you pay your fee of $25 per graduate? This covers the use of the Rectory, pizza, soda, ice, appetizers, and dancing bears.

I'm using the PayPal link below - you can use a standard VISA or MC or your PayPal account

I'm going to send Evelyn Schott a check

Use the following button to pay via PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account to do this. They accept regular VISA and MC cards.

If you're paying by paper check, here's Evelyn's address. Make the check for $25 payable to: "Evelyn Schott"

3426 Manor Hill Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Posted by Tim Carter at 8:13 AM

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Annunciation Class of 1966 Reunion

Welcome to the 50th Reunion of the Annunciation School Class of 1966 in Cincinnati, OH.

When: July 15-16, 2016

Where: July 15th - Annunciation Parish Rectory / 6:30 pm ] [ July 16th - Montgomery Inn Montgomery 7 pm

Cost: $25 per graduate

CLICK HERE to RSVP that you'll be coming.

Here's a partial list of your classmates who have RSVP'd:

  • Mary Druffel (Merrill)
  • Donna Boncutter (Emerson)
  • Dick Cronley
  • Evelyn Schwiers (Schott)
  • Timmy Carter (call me Tim or Supreme Commander - your pleasure) ;-)
  • Charlie Deters
  • Cathy Conrad (Burling)

Watch for important questions in between some of the photos. You can VOTE in the comments below. Here's one:

"Who's mom came up with this saying: "Put your cassock on a hanger, so says Fr. Dettenwanger."

This is when we started our journey:

We didn't get to drink wine back then like today!
1st communion.jpg

Check out the glamour shots from our 8th grade year. Be still my beating heart!
8th class picture.jpg

You'd think we'd be HAPPY about getting out!!! Why didn't more people SMILE?
8th grade graduation.jpg

Was this the first instance of photo bombing? Mr. "Ham-it-Up" Dick Cronley behind from left to right: Sr. Anthony Ann, Sr. Grace Angela (principal), Sr. Marietta

This was taken at our 8th-Grade party at Ft. Scott. Standing left to right: Dick Cronley and Tim Carter. Bent over left to right: Joe Wright, Charlie Deters, Mike Jones, Jerry Kleinhaus

Remember that image in the catechism about the milk bottles? What kind of milk was in your "milk-bottle" soul? Chocolate or white?


Remember the weekly reader that sort of brainwashed us?


Guess who kept his altar-boy pins? I was the second acolyte on the first solemn set. It was a big deal back then!

altarboy pins.jpg

church illus.jpg

Posted by Tim Carter at 7:20 AM

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