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September 9, 2004

Writing Letters to Newspapers, Radio and Television Stations

I feel the vortex that surrounds our current culture is spinning faster and faster each year. It seems everyone is too busy to do anything. One of the most powerful tools we as consumers have to voice our opinion is getting lost in the pandemonium of each day's events. That tool is the old-fashioned letter. Yes, a letter not a phone call nor an email.

The reason a letter is so powerful lies in the fact it takes time and effort to produce a traditional letter. It takes time to address an envelope and put the stamp on it. The editors of newspapers and program directors at both radio and television stations know this. If enough letters are written about a given subject, you bet they can put the heads of the decision makers on a swivel.

So if you like a particular editorial writer or even a comic strip, take the time out to write a letter and tell the newspaper how the feature has helped you or brought some comic relief into your busy day. The letter does not have to be long; its content simply has to come from the heart.

The same is true for anything you like or dislike on the radio, television, a magazine, or any other widely distributed media format many people receive. Contact the decision makers and tell them how you feel. If a columnist or radio or television talent suddenly disappears, write a letter. Your letter may be the one that actually tips the balance. Never underestimate the power of one simple piece of paper with some ink on it .

Posted by Tim Carter at 5:50 PM

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