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May 12, 2015

Tom Brady Patriots Punishment #Deflategate

Rhetorical Debate of the Day: Tom Brady and Patriots fined / punished for DeflateGate. Please consider these rhetorical questions:

1. Does the NFL subscribe to the same rules as in Animal Farm? - "All rules in the rulebook are equal, but some are more equal than others."

2. If the refs call penalties for blocking, roughing the passer, helmet-to-helmet contact, etc. why didn't the line judges take ten seconds to use their pocket air pressure gauge when they HANDLED THE BALLS AFTER EACH PLAY to see if they were between the 11.5 and 12.5 PSI limit as called for in the rules?

3. Not one but TWO on-field officials touch the ball after EACH PLAY. If air pressure is SO IMPORTANT, why is it the opposing players noted the balls were spongy but the officials didn't?

4. Is the NFL unaware of basic physics? The PSI of the balls sitting inside the 70 F bowels of the stadium for HOURS before a game will have a different PSI than the same ball two hours later when the ball has cooled to the outdoor temperature of 37 F.

5. Why is none of this being discussed by the sports pundits on all the sports rag chew shows?


1.If you hate the Patriots and Brady, I urge you to read the excellent article by John Teti BEFORE you make a fool of yourself. Be sure to take into consideration the facts in his column so you don't appear to be a fool wearing your heart on your sleeve.

2. Please understand I'm not trying to defend Tom Brady or the Patriots in the above post. My questions are directed to the NFL. Why do they selectively enforce the rules?

3. Finally, before you comment please recall the one line from the Bible that I'm quite familiar with: "Let he who hath NOT sinned, cast the first stone." If you've never cheated in your life on ANYTHING, then go right ahead and tell us how bad Tom Brady and the Patriots are.

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