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Ask Tim Carter

October 9, 2007

Noah's Bagels

Noah's Bagels in downtown Palo Alto, California is an amazing place. About two hours ago, I stopped in to get a bite to eat and a cup of steaming Autumn Blend coffee.

As it was October, I was glad to see that pumpkin bagels were on the menu. But it got better. There was a special pumpkin cream cheese blend that you could order with the bagel.

I asked for my bagel to be lightly toasted, and the heat caused the pumpkin spread to melt ever so slightly. The taste of the bagel and the spread was simply out of this world.

If you don't like bagels, they have a wide variety of tantalizing pastries. I also noticed they have a great menu for lunch sandwiches. Noah's Bagels is a must-go-to place if you find yourself with an hour to kill while you are in or around Silicon Valley. Rest assured I will stop back anytime I am in Palo Alto!

Posted by Tim Carter at 1:38 PM

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