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January 23, 2004

Commander's Palace

I just got back from fabulous Las Vegas where I attended the Builders Show. Every winter the National Association of Home Builders hosts this enormous event and it is a must-attend show for me. All sorts of new home building products and techniques debut at this show.

Last year my daughter Meghan and I attended a small reception at one of the premier restaurants in Las Vegas - Commander's Palace. One of the dishes served was Tasso Shrimp Henican.

Meghan is a very picky eater - just ask Erik our waiter from two days ago! - and traditionally has not liked shrimp of any type. She was ravenously hungry that night last year and tried one of the shrimp. It was perhaps the best shrimp I have ever had and Meghan loved it.

The Commander's Palace chef will get as hot as a pot of boiling water when he reads this feeble attempt at describing its spectacular taste. Each piece of shrimp has a sliver of lean ham in the center. My taste buds tell me the shrimp are fried in butter and possibly some olive oil. There seems to be tabasco sauce and maybe a pinch of chili powder in it as well. No doubt there are other spices and natural ingredients that add to the overall taste of this mouth-watering dish.

But how does this story connect with this year? Meghan *had* to go back. She talked about the restaurant for months before leaving. But the trouble is, we didn't remember its name or location! The investigative reporter in me took over once we got to Las Vegas. I tracked down the person who booked the reception and she instantly remembered.

This year we went for a full sit-down dinner. Everything about Commander's Palace is top drawer. The food and service are 5 star in my book. It is indeed one of the finest places I have ever eaten. I strongly recommend you stop in if you are in Las Vegas or the original place in New Orleans. In Las Vegas, enter the Aladdin Casino / Resort and head towards the Desert Passage indoor shopping mall. Commander's Palace is right at the edge of the mall next to the casino.

Posted by Tim Carter at 5:07 PM

January 14, 2004

PUD in Amberley Village

I serve on the Planning Commission in my village - Amberley Village, OH. Currently we have a zone change application application we are considering that is dividing the village in two. It is a very contentious situation.

The issue involves a large tract of ground that is zoned (P)Park. This ground operated as a private country club for over 30 years. A developer has an offer to purchase the ground and wants our village to modify the zoning code to allow Planned Unit Development (PUD).

The issue is extremely important to me and I am using this website to inform all of my village residents that I will gladly talk with them no matter where they stand on the issue. I want to hear any and all comments with absolutely no sugar-coating. Please contact Pat Buxel at the Amberley Village offices and she will put you in touch with me. If the above link does not work, call Pat at 513-531-8675.

Posted by Tim Carter at 11:26 AM

January 8, 2004

Stir Fry

Oh gosh I love my wife Kathy! The reasons are countless but one of them is she happens to be a fantastic chef. Tonight she made one of my favorite dinners - stir fry!

The spices she uses give the meal a most superb taste. The bean sprouts, baby corn, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, brown rice, egg noodles, chicken, etc. are all mixed together to make a meal you will not forget.

I always wash the dishes after dinner and out of the corner of my eye I saw her get out this special cut of beef from the freezer. No, don't tell me two top drawer dinners back to back. Is it possible that we will be having Kathy's vegetable soup tomorrow night? This vegetable soup is to die for. The Soup Nazi on Seinfeld would kill for Kathy's recipe.

Posted by Tim Carter at 9:15 PM

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