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October 27, 2005

Google Zeitgeist '05 - Go For Throttle Up

Imagine you were a gardener with a giant greenhouse full of plants. One day you decide to take 400 of your favorite flowers and vegetables from the greenhouse and move them to a new, temporary location where you could saturate them with a special fertilizer, lots of other delicious foods and abundant sunshine, well let’s say a mix of sun and clouds. If those of us in attendance here at Zeitgeist ‘05 - The Google Partner Forum were indeed plants, that is exactly what happened to us over the past 36 hours.

Zeitgeist ‘05 began with a tantalizing reception at the Stanford University Art Center on Tuesday evening, October 25th. That was a special evening filled with networking, delicious food, fine wine, gorgeous art and an atmosphere of unbridled excitement.

The following morning things got serious. Those people in the audience who did not fasten their imaginary seatbelts were undoubtedly tossed about the room by the endless stream of thought-provoking ideas from the likes of Barry Diller, Jeffery Cole, Jonathan Miller, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Anderson, Reed Hastings, Craig Newmark, Arthur Sulzberger, Ray Kurzweil, Zoe Baird, Yusuf Mehdi, Tom Rogers, Dr. James Billington, James Surowiecki, John Hennessey and none other than Sergey Brin and Larry Page the founders of Google. Can you imagine for just one moment trying to absorb in your brain just half of what was said by these individuals who need no introduction?

In an attempt to keep our energy levels high since so much of it was being burned by our brains, the talented chefs and staff at Google kept us well-fed and comfortable from morning until it was time for bed. Waking up this morning I feel like I have a hangover, but one from the consumption of far too many ideas. I’m glad I brought two pens as my first one almost ran out of ink I took so many notes in my trusted moleskin. Zeitgeist ‘05 is beyond belief. It will go down in my own personal history as yet another life-changing event. Thank You Google ever so much for inviting me!

The final day of Zeitgeist ‘05 is here. I am ready, my g-suit is on and my head is now ready to be filled once more. My advice to you who are going to ride with me over the next few years here in the Internet - strap yourselves in as the ride is going to be unlike anything you have yet experienced!

Posted by Tim Carter at 9:12 AM

October 26, 2005

Google Zeitgeist '05

Pinch me please. Tell me this is not a dream. I am in the heart of Silicon Valley a guest of Last night was the opening reception for the first-ever Google Zeitgeist Partner Forum. Suffice it to say that I am more excited than a small child on Christmas Eve.

What is Zeitgeist? Google has taken the German word that means "the spirit of the time" and applied it to this gathering of 400 of the most-valued partners Google feels they have. As Google's Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development Omid Kordestani says, "We want to provide a new forum for our company, our customers, and industry leaders to discuss the trends and forces that are shaping the world."

That is an understatement. The names of the people who have been invited are a Who's Who of the Internet landscape. It is beyond exciting to be surrounded by these innovative folks at Google and the partners they have tapped to move humanity forward at lightning speed.

To boil Zeitgeist down to a fine sauce, those people here in Mountian View, CA for the next two days get it. They know that providing superb content and ideals that help all is why we are here. Google recognizes we are stewards of the planet and they want to leave it a better place.

That message is all around their corporate campus in everything they do. I saw it first hand yesterday as I met with the top young people who are in charge of the AdSense aspect of Google's business. Those Google employees are among some of the brightest people I have ever seen. They were happy, relaxed and had a sense of what is right.

If Zeitgeist is the spirit of the time, then based upon what I experienced yesterday I am at the right place at the right time.

Posted by Tim Carter at 9:35 AM

October 9, 2005

First Street Pub & Grill - Nederland, Colorado Restaurants

What would you say if I told you four adults had a gourmet meal in an out-of-the-way restaurant at the top of Boulder Canyon, Colorado for just over $50.00? I am talking about seriously good food, food that you would have never expected once you entered the establishment and sat down.

Furthermore, what do you think the chances of the food order being correct if I told you that each person ordered different things with multiple options and the waitress did not write down the order on a pad? Would you be shocked if I told you the order came back perfect and each item was made to perfection?

Imagine if you will a rustic bar and pub that serves food that would rival any of the top eating establishments just 20 miles away at the base of the canyon on the flatlands of Boulder.

If you want a tantalizing clam chowder with a lip-smacking dash of tabasco sauce and a large menu of other freshly cooked items, then you must make the First Street Pub & Grill in Nederland, Colorado a stop in your next trip to the Front Range of Colorado.

Our waitress, Ms. Jessica Glover also happens to be one of the owners. Lisa Faenger, another partner in the venture, was cooking last night when Dan, Alycia, Peter and I stopped in to stifle the rumblings in our stomachs. Jessica and Lisa have a third partner, Eric Waldron who helps operate this magical eating and drinking establishment.

I strongly urge that you go to the First Street Pub & Grill in the daylight hours as the drive up Colorado State Route 119 is mesmerizing. The steep canyon walls and the pure water cascading down Boulder Creek make for sweet eye candy as you dream about spicy chicken cordon bleu chicken sandwiches or pasta dishes that will draw you back time and again. Or perhaps you want to build your own custom pizza with just about any ingredient.

The food at the First Street Pub & Grill in Nederland, Colorado is some of the best on the Front Range. That is a bold statement, but in my opinion it is true. Was my judgement tainted because I had a strong appetite? No. I have eaten good food at many places but only great food at a few establishments.

The First Street Pub & Grill is in the heart of Nederland, Colorado at 35 E. 1st Street. Call ahead to see what the soup of the day is. Perhaps Jessica will answer the phone. Dial 303-258-0782. Be sure to stop in and say “Hello!” to Jessica, Lisa or Eric. You will never forget them and neither will I.

Posted by Tim Carter at 1:54 PM

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