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Ask Tim Carter

November 20, 2003

L.L. Bean

What a company! L.L. Bean is simply first class - top drawer. Two weeks ago I sent them my 5-year old wrist watch. In their catalog it is called their Field Watch. It is a handsome watch that keeps the best time of any watch I have ever owned. It loses perhaps 4 seconds a month.

Several months ago the locking stem stopped locking. I didn't think it was a problem as the stem was still in the closed position so the watch hands would not move if I rotated the stem. But three weeks ago I noticed moisture under the crystal. Water and the inside of watches don't mix well.

I shipped the watch back to L.L. Bean and asked them to repair it. I just wanted that watch to keep on ticking. I have purchased so much stuff over the years from them that they know my credit card number by heart. In fact, I have an L.L. Bean VISA card.

The watch arrived at my doorstep today and the repair folks at L.L. Bean totally overhauled it. Believe it or not they installed the watch works in a new brilliant gold case with a new crystal. No doubt they also cleaned and oiled the interior works of the watch. It looks like a brand new watch.

It was no surprise to me that the repair would be done the right way. But the "No charge" on the paperwork was a pleasant surprise.

I strive to make my business like L.L. Bean. They have the best products, best warranty and the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I am also very partial to their flannel shirts and winter coats! If you want quality, there is just one place to go: L.L. Bean

Posted by Tim Carter at November 20, 2003 3:17 PM

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