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Ask Tim Carter

November 26, 2003

Crown Molding

Many people are absolutely mystified by the geometry of crown molding. Crown molding is that elegant trim lumber you often see where a wall meets a ceiling. These moldings add enormous amounts of character to a room.

But the process of cutting crown molding has caused massive amounts of frustration. I would be willing to bet that it has even been the final straw that led to a divorce or two.

It isn't hard at all to cut crown molding. You simply hold it in the miter box as it will rest in the corner between the ceiling and the wall. The most common mistake people make is to place the crown molding in the miter box saw as they might place a window or door casing(flat on the saw table) or as they might a baseboard(back of trim against vertical saw fence).

Crown is not placed in the miter saw in this fasion. You place it upside down, backwards and at the same angle it rests in the ceiling/wall corner. Perhaps it would be easier to understand this if you had some photos. Of course!

Posted by Tim Carter at November 26, 2003 8:16 AM

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