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August 1, 2004

The Razor Knife

Can you think of anyone who doesn't have a traditional razor knife that was immortalized on September 11, 2001? If using your old tool gives you a sour feeling, then perhaps you might be interested in a brand-new razor knife that I tested the other day.

This new razor knife is made by the Irwin Industrial Tool Company. Gone is the ancient technology screw that gives you access to the inside of the tool. A simple locking slide lever opens the hinged knife body. A special clip inside holds extra blades.

This new razor knife has an arch built into it so it is more user friendly. You do not have to bend your wrist as much to get the blade to cut the right angle. The soft handle grip prevents sweaty hands from slipping.

I saved perhaps the best for last. Irwin tells me the new blades will last three times longer and are unbreakable under normal conditions. They use a special bi-metal steel for the blades so the body of the blade is bendable to a degree, but the edge is tough steel that stays sharper longer.

Get yourself a new razor knife but don't throw away your old one. Take the blade out of it and put it someplace where you will see it everyday. Let it serve as a solemn reminder why our armed services are in harms way. Once we rid the world of the cowardly terrorists, you can then place that old gray knife in your recycling bin.

Posted by Tim Carter at August 1, 2004 8:41 PM

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