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Ask Tim Carter

November 10, 2003

The Building Code

So you are thinking of buying a new home that has been built to "code". Do you think you will have a well-built structure? The answer is maybe and maybe not! The Building Code is a published set of standards that builders must follow. It is law in almost all municipalities across the fruited plain.

But the truth is, it is a set of minimum standards. If a house is built so that it just passes the building code, it is the same thing as your child bringing home a 70 percent on a test. Sure, he passed but in essence he got a D minus. Are you satisfied with that as a parent? I think not.

If you want an A plus on the new home you will be buying, you must find a builder that constructs things that exceed the building code and even exceed higher standards published by many construction industry associations. It is fairly easy to find a builder who will do this type of work. Simply read many of my past columns on Contractors - Builders.

Posted by Tim Carter at November 10, 2003 5:38 PM

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