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August 18, 2009

Carol Shea Porter Town Hall Meetings

Carol Shea Porter is my Congresswoman. She represents New Hampshire's First District.

Yesterday I called her Manchester, NH office (603 641 9536) after visiting her web site. Nowhere on her web site could I find a schedule for upcoming town-hall meetings, as she and all other members of Congress are on their summer break. Many other members of Congress have met with their constituents, but for some reason Carol Shea-Porter is ignoring me and the other residents of the First District.

The very nice woman who answered the phone at the Congresswoman's office told me that there hasn't been a town meeting and none are planned. What's up with that?

I don't know about you, but I find that totally unacceptable when you consider what has happened in Washington DC over the past seven months. I'm quite sure hundreds of Congresswoman Carol's constituents might have questions that demand answers. For example, how about:

You voted to approve the Energy Cap and Trade Bill several weeks ago. It represents the largest tax ever in the world. However, the science community is divided about man-made global warming - oh, excuse me - *climate change*. There is strong evidence showing this Bill will further hurt manufacturing in the USA and send more jobs overseas. It will raise the price of energy to every New Hampshire resident. We are in the deepest recession in history. Why would you vote for a Bill like this when our economy is suffering so greatly? Did you read the Bill in its entirety before voting on it? (Trick question)

The three major entitlement programs run by the Federal Government - Social Security, Medicare and Medicad are insolvent - they are running out of money. Legislators such as yourself are robbing people's paychecks each week taking taxes out, but not using them to fund these programs. Can you explain why we should believe for a moment that the Federal Government can take over Health Care and run that program when it''s failed at the other three?

Our President has quadrupled our national debt and our annual deficit in the past seven months. You voted for some of these measures. Who is going to pay for all of this? Follow up question: Do you personally subscribe to the philosophy of spend more than you take in? If the answer is Yes, how soon before you go bankrupt? If the answer is No, then why would you vote to lock in New Hampshire citizens who have yet to be born to a life of repaying debt?

Do you support downsizing the Federal Government and repealing laws that have caused us to drown in deficit spending?

The Chinese government sent approximately 150 of their top financial ministers to the USA for the Strategic and Economic Dialogue on July 27-28. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner pledged to the Chinese that the USA will shrink it's budget deficit and boost national savings over the next four years. Personal and corporate tax receipts flowing into the Treasury are down over 18 percent. You and other members of Congress are supporting legislation that will increase our deficit. Can you explain how you intend to fulfill Secretary Geithner's pledge?

I believe you get the point Congresswoman Shea-Porter. There are many other questions your constituents want answered.

Please schedule a series of town-hall meetings now before you go back to Washington DC. I shouldn't have to remind you that you are my employee as well as every other resident in the First District. You work for us at our sole discretion. We want to meet you face to face and talk with us. Katy Abram of Pennsylvania is correct. You and the other members of Congress have awakened a sleeping giant. We want answers and we want them now.

I leave you with this saying of my daughter: Excuses are reasons for failure. We don't want excuses, we want meetings.

Posted by Tim Carter at August 18, 2009 8:14 AM

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