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Ask Tim Carter

November 13, 2004

Ask Leo

Are you puzzled from time to time about why your computer crashes and just doesn't see eye-to-eye with you? What about all of those horrible popup ads that have invaded your computer? My guess is your computer is infected with bad adware and maybe spyware.

I'll bet you would love to ask an expert, someone you can really trust, a question to find out how to get your computer back to where it was the day you took it out of the box. Well, my buddy Leo is the man! Wait until you read his biography. Leo has got more computer expertise than I have power and hand tools!

Go to and search through his past questions and answers. I'll bet Leo has already solved your problem. If not, just ask him a question and there is a great chance he might get back with you.

One of the reasons I like going to is the tremendous amount of helpful Windows tips you will find. It should come as no surprise as Leo was hired by the Bill Gates team back in the mid-1980's as a software engineer. Leo knows Windows like I know circular saws.

You will also discover an enormous amount of questions and answers concerning spyware and adware. Malicious spyware is dangerous and you should read what Leo has to say about cleansing your computer and keeping it free of this sinister software that installs itself as you simply surf the Internet.

Tell Leo I said "Hello!" Oh, also ask him how much he likes mocha chip ice cream. You don't need to get back with me as I already know that answer!

Posted by Tim Carter at November 13, 2004 9:22 AM

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